Learn to play "Aloha Friday" by Kimo Kahoano on Ukulele

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This month's Whiteboard Request teaches you how to play one of Hawaii's favorite songs "Aloha Friday" by Kimo Kahoano. The tradition of Aloha Friday, officially began in 1966 when the Hawaiian Fashion guild pushed for the movement of wearing Aloha Shirts on Fridays. In Hawaii's warm and humid climate, workers were eager to swap their suits for the lighter Aloha shirts. Today, many workers wear Aloha Shirts every day of the week but the tradition of Aloha Friday lives on as people celebrate the end of the work week.

Just like the weekend, this song is fun and easy. It has 5 simple chords and a straight forward strumming pattern with a nice bounce. Aldrine also teaches you how to play a picking pattern with that quintessential Hawaiian sound. Have fun learning this song so you can welcome in the weekend, and come jam it with us on our weekly Aloha Friday Jam (1PM HST).

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