Melodic Minor Scales and Music Copyrights with Magic Mike

On this week's Thursday Live Lesson our favorite music guru, magic Mike returns! He and Aldrine go deep talking about melodic minor scales and music copyrights. Mike explains what melodic minor scales are, and where you'll find them in music. Aldrine helps to demonstrate some of the concepts by playing his uke, and he asks Mike a few questions of his own. The guys finish up the second half of the lesson discussing various cases of copyright issues in the music industry.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:50 What is a melodic minor scale?

7:10 Where and how would you use a melodic minor scale?

13:25 Scales, Modes, and Chord Tones

24:30 Using chords outside of the chord family.

32:15 Voice Leading

37:35 Experimenting with melodic minor scales.

42:15 Can you explain copyrights in the music industry?

1:06:05 Fair Use exceptions.

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