3 or 4 Fingers for Picking, 3 Finger Chunk, 3/4 Time

On this week's Thursday Live Lesson, the guys discuss an assortment of techniques including the pinch strum, 3 finger chunks, free strokes, and rest strokes. Aldrine defends his 3 finger limit for fingerpicking, and Kahai initiates an avalanche discussion about rhythm and time signatures. Aaron notes Western music's love of fours, while Aldrine sets off the Jake buzzer numerous times.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:30 Can you talk about up strums and the pinch technique?

7:45 Should you use 4 fingers for picking on low G?

24:10 Is a 3 finger chunk more of a percussive technique?

26:45 Which notes do you hit when picking a chord?

34:05 Can you demonstrate the 3 finger chunk?

38:20 What chords should you strum behind UU+ Solos?

40:40 The rhythm of "Sleep Walk".

54:30 Aldrine explains different time signatures.

References/resources for this video:
Youtube - Kalei Gamiao
Youtube - Kimo Hussey
UU+ Solos - Guava Jam

Webcam Session - High G vs. Low G
Ukulele 101 - Right Hand Techniques (Basic Fingerpicking)
Ukulele 102 - Arpeggios & Fingerpicking
Uke Minutes - Fingerpicking Basics
Uke Minutes - Ghost Notes
Youtube - Ernie Cruz Jr and Imua Garza
UU+ Solos - Ukulele Waltz
Youtube - Wes Montgomery
Uke Minutes - Tremolo
Youtube - Troy Fernandez

Uke Minutes - 3 Finger Chunk
Uke Minutes - Free Strokes and Rest Strokes

Uke Minutes - Pluck Strum with Jake Shimabukuro

UU+ Solos - Sleep Walk
UU+ Solos - Autumn Leaves
UU+ Solos - Fly Me to the Moon

UU Marketplace - Matt's Jazz and Swing Strumming Course
Uke Minutes - 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures
Youtube - Earth Angel
Youtube - Earth Angel (Serious Version)
Seminar - Deconstructing Chord Melodies
Youtube - Gravity
Uke Lesson - If I Ain't Got You

Uke Minutes - Time Signatures
Whiteboard Request - House of the Rising Sun

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