Old Rhythm and Old Ukes

First off, we want to apologize for the sound quality on this one. Fish swim, birds fly, and computers crash (at the worst possible moments). We should be back to solid audio quality next week. Anyway, on this week's Thursday Live Lesson Aldrine starts things off as usual. He fields a couple of questions from our members, ranging from rolls and chunks to more advanced strumming that follows the rhythm of Hawaiian music. The second half of the lesson is an epic session of show-n-tell. Aldrine brings in his collection of vintage ukuleles (AKA his little babies) and explains how he acquired each one. We wrap up the lesson by announcing the winners of our special UU+ anniversary contest.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:10 Any tips to roll and chunk in the same measure?

8:55 The rhythm of Hawaiian music.

15:10 How do you strum the Hawaiian rhythm?

22:40 Why do Hawaiian musicians say the words of a verse before singing it?

26:00 Show-N-Tell: 1960's Kamaka Ukulele

34:25 Do you ever feel limited by the 12 frets of a soprano?

35:40 Show-N-Tell: Vintage Gibson Ukulele

40:55 Do new instruments become more valuable over time?

42:40 Show-N-Tell: 1950's Martin Ukulele

49:40 Show-N-Tell: The 20,000 Hour Ukulele

56:55 Show-N-Tell: Dumpster Uke #2 (Duke Kahanamoku Ukulele)

1:03:00 UU+ Contest Winner

References/resources for this video:
Uke Minutes - How to Chunk
Uke Minutes - How to Roll
Ukulele 101 - Right Hand Techniques (The Roll)
Ukulele 101 - Rhythm Ear Training (The Chunk)

Live Lesson - Replay (Talking about Hawaiian Rhythm and Strumming @ 46:15)
Youtube - Hula Halau 'O Kamuela dancing with Ipus
PDF - Hawaiian Vamp Strumming
Youtube - Raiatea Helm and Brian Tolentino on HI Sessions
Youtube - Learning Tahitian Drumming
Youtube - Strumming to the Hawaiian Rhythm (and announcing the verse)

TLL Podcast #1 - No Wrong Notes, Just Poor Choices (with Mike Odo)
Website - Dating Your Uke (The Gold Label)
Thursday Live Lesson - Replay (Frankenuke)
Website - GHS Strings

Website - ToneRite

Website - Martin S-O Ukulele
Website - Kamoa Ukulele

Website - Hawaiian Blizzard Shave Ice
Image - The UU crew jamming after eating shave ice
Bonus Image - Little Kahai eating his plain shave ice

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