Learn to play an easy version of "Waiting in Vain" by Bob Marley on Ukulele

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For our first ever lesson of Songs Made Easy, Aldrine teaches you how to play "Waiting in Vain" by Bob Marley. In the original recording of the song, Mr. Marley and the Wailers play in the key of G#, a tricky key even for seasoned uke players. But in this lesson of Songs Made Easy, Aldrine shows you how to play the song in a simple key, using just one finger! Talk about a song made easy.

Stick around for more Songs Made Easy. We'll be streaming a new lesson every Thursday at 2:15 PM (HST). You're more than welcome to tune in LIVE and ask questions in the chat. We'll cover 3 songs a month, and on the fourth week we'll do a beginner jam session using the songs we taught earlier in the month.

For those over achievers and more experienced players, you can learn "Waiting in Vain" in it's original key with 4 awesome picking parts HERE!

Want to Practice Waiting in Vain? Play Along with the Songs Made Easy Jam:

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  1. The human body is intrinsically intuitive about how it holds things, things like tools, musical instruments and there is something very intuitive about how to hold the ukulele and what works to enable playing the instrument. If you have to spend more than 30 seconds explaining how to hold a ukulele then I think that is time wasted and if anyone doesn’t have this nailed down, maybe they need another kind of class, like basic anatomy and what to do with your body.

    1. Azul,
      First of all, I want to say that I think you are very fortunate. And I mean this sincerely, without sarcasm. You probably have a lot more experience using tools and instruments than I do. Although I have been well-educated in anatomy, I come to this lesson with no musical experience. In fact, when I tried to sing in 8th grade choir, the teacher told me to mouth the words instead of singing aloud. I gave up on anything related to music and I’ve never played an instrument in my life before picking up the ukulele a month ago. When Aldrine spent 30 seconds on how hold the uke, I thought it was great. Not because I wasn’t holding it correctly, but it gave me a spark of confidence because I was. And I need sparks like that. Second, please remember that everyone is different and learns differently. Aldrine is teaching to the masses and he needs to cover all the tiny details that not everyone needs. Skip over your time wasters and focus on what you need. Keep strumming and we’ll all be proficient some day. Best wishes to you ?

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