Music Theory with special guest Mike Odo

For our first ever Thursday Live Lesson podcast, we brought in special guest Mike Odo. Mike is no stranger to UU. He appeared in our recent Christmas Play-Along, and actually taught the majority of the UU staff music in high school. So to take advantage of his expertise, we ask Mike various questions about music theory. Kahai gets the ball rolling by asking a few common beginner music theory questions. Mike covers scales, keys, and the most useful aspects of music theory to help anyone who just wants to jam. Aldrine kicks things up a notch by asking about more advanced chord voicings. Mike proves his worth by explaining chord extensions and dropping some serious knowledge about C.E.S.H. Bringing things full circle, Mike offers some tips that any musician can find useful, because we all make mistakes.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:55 Who is Mike Odo?

5:00 Are scales worth learning and why?

8:00 What's the first step to learning scales?

11:50 What's the minimum amount of music theory someone should know?

15:45 How to find a scale.

24:30 Why can you substitute 9th chords for 7th chords?

46:45 C.E.S.H (Chromatic Baseline)

50:15 Passing Tone

53:35 Tricks for basic soloists.

References/resources for this video:
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  1. Super Podcast, guys! I listened to it over and over so I could glean all the tidbits out of it.

    It’s interesting how each person can shed new light on a subject, and a few more things about the intricate and confusing music theory finally clicked for me! Thank you. And please bring Mike Odo back again. It’s a nice blend between him . . . and some of his former music students!

  2. Great episode, had a lightbulb moment with the explanation of the dominant 7th. Keep these coming!

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