Learn to play "White Sandy Beach of Hawaii" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (IZ) on Ukulele

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Download the TABS for "White Sandy Beach of Hawaii":

Hey UUers!

For many of you, winter is still in full swing - so this month we're sending you a warm postcard from Hawaii with an episode of Uke Lessons. This time, it's "White Sandy Beach of Hawaii" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole and we've pulled out all the stops. A while back, we released a Whiteboard Requests lesson for this song, so if you're looking for a less intense, less in-depth lesson on how to play it, be sure to check it out. But this time, Aldrine covers the chords, fingerpicking, chord patterns, and the Intro and Outro picking and fingerpicking patterns to really get you playing this song like the original.

As a note: in the original song, Braddah IZ plays a Low G ukulele and in this tutorial, Aldrine shows you how to play it using a High G ukulele. The main fingerpicking pattern that Aldrine teaches for High G is "CEGA EC" but if you are playing a Low G, you can use "GCEAGCEA" instead.

Be sure to play along with the Play-Along video and use YouTube's onboard slow-down function to really see what Aldrine is doing:

How to Slow Down YouTube

This is also a song we often play on the Aloha Friday Jam, our weekly virtual ukulele club streamed on YouTube Live, so be sure to learn the song and play along with us live! Have an awesome time with this, practice hard, & rock on

-UU Staff


  1. Great lesson thanks!

    I’m just looking at the intro fingerpicking in the tab. When you get to the B flat chord, the 6th note in in the tab refers to the 2nd fret on the G string (an A note), is this correct? I couldn’t see Aldrine play this in the video and was wondering if it should it be 3rd fret on the G string (an A sharp/B flat)? Or I am just missing something?

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