If you're just getting started with the ukulele and looking for some guidance, here are five reasons why you'll love learning with Ukulele Underground!

1. World-Renowned Ukulele Teachers
Chord Inversions and Extensions ImageWhen it comes to developing a new skill, you want to learn from experts who are capable of showing you the best way to do things, in terms you can understand. Aldrine Guerrero, head instructor at Ukulele Underground, is a world-renowned ukulele teacher, composer, and performer. With over 10 years of online and in-person teaching experience from absolute beginners to advanced students, Aldrine has helped thousands of students of all levels to reach their musical goals. In that time, he has also performed and lectured throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, released 5 full-length albums of ukulele music, and provided ukulele recordings for major television and movie soundtracks, including Adam Sandler's animated feature film, Hotel Transylvania. Along with nearly a dozen other expert ukulele players and experienced teachers on Ukulele Underground, Aldrine brings world-class ukulele instruction and education right to your fingertips.

2. Live Coaching and Support

As a UU+ member, you're never left to learn the ukulele on your own. Every week, you have direct access to Aldrine and the Ukulele Underground team. Your UU+ subscription includes live coaching sessions where you can show us exactly what you are working on and Aldrine provides you with immediate help, feedback, and suggestions via live video conference. If you can't make a live lesson or coaching session, send us your questions through email or chat. We're always around to provide the best answer for your particular situation.

3. Extensive Video Library


Ukulele Underground is home to the largest library of online ukulele instructional content. No matter what style you want to learn to play, the UU+ video archive has everything you need to help you become the musician you want to be. In addition to over 100 full song lessons, there are countless hours of university-style lecture courses, practice videos, and live seminars with guest teachers covering every topic imaginable. Each week, several hours of instruction and jam-along video content are added to the list, so Ukulele Underground continues to grow as your abilities expand.

4. A Community of Fellow Learners
With over 2500 active ukulele learners in UU+, you're able to connect with ukulele players from all over the world. Finding and connecting with people who are learning similar songs is easy in the UU+ Forum, live lesson chat, and live video coaching sessions. Share your musical journey and make new friends through the supportive UU community, like so many members on Ukulele Underground have over the years.

5. Proven Results
Hundreds of students who have followed the UU+ curriculum have gone on to start their own ukulele groups or become professional performers and ukulele teachers in their own right. Even if your goal is just to be able to strum a little for fun, learning with UU+ takes the guesswork out of learning the ukulele, so you can quickly reach your goals as a player. Putting in consistent practice and utilizing all of the powerful resources and feedback available to you as a UU+ member always produces quicker progress and greater strides in your playing. Just take a look at Chris' progress over just a few months:

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