This month we have a Western Whiteboard Request for you. Aldrine breaks down the award winning song "Highwayman" as done by the all-star ensemble aptly named The Highwaymen. Aldrine demonstrates a fun galloping strumming pattern, and walks you through the lengthy chord progression. He shares some tips to help break the sequence into bite-size pieces, and also includes a bridge/outro to nicely wrap things up.

Download the Whiteboard (pdf)
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Listen to Highwayman: Full Original Song

Techniques Used in Lesson:


  1. Thanks for sorting that out. I requested that song. My rugby team is called the Highwaymen and that is our theme song. Can’t wait to play that at our next tournament!

  2. Thank you to the person that requested this one. Once again Aldrine your strum pattern is amazing. You again knocked it out of the ball park. Rock On and Inner Peace to You All. And again Thank You UU+

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