Every week in UU+, we do live 1 on 1 coaching with Aldrine. During these sessions, you show Aldrine what you're working on and receive personalized feedback. The students who have been taking advantage of this service have been making incredible progress. Today I wanted to share the progress made by UU+ member Chris. Within two weeks, he was able to master the chunking technique once he learned the proper way to strum.

If you're struggling with chunking, this video may help you figure out what you're doing wrong.

There's no charge for live coaching if you are a UU+ member, so please join us! Bring the song or technique you're working on and we'll walk you through it just like we did with Chris. We're here to make you the best ukulele player you can be!

If you're not a UU+ member, Sign up for UU+ Today!


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