This ukulele lesson teaches you how to play a solo arrangement of 'My Yellow Ginger Lei' by John Kaonohiokala Keawehawaii. This is traditionally a song sung in falsetto, but for us non-singers, or those who can't hit those super high notes, Aldrine created this solo arrangement of this song which anyone can learn to play. This lesson is part of our UU+ Solos series where we teach arrangements of classical music and Traditional Hawaiian songs. We have over 150 songs in our song lesson library so feel free to take a look!

This is a UU+ exclusive lesson. Please login to watch the tutorial.


  1. I’ve memorized five of your solos with pretty good success so far. However, this one is really giving me problems. I rely on the printed tab to not only memorize the chords and melody, but to also work out the rhythm. You are playing this piece with syncopation that is not notated in the tab. You also are including notes that are not in the tab. I’m trying to reconcile the tab with what you are playing, and I am making slow progress, but it is difficult. It would be more helpful if your printed tab matched what you are playing in the videos. I’d be interested in comments from other players trying to learn this piece. The lack of comments may indicate that others have given up. In spite of this, I think it’s a great tune!

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