Aloha everyone! We're so excited to announce (though if you're reading this you probably already notice it) that the brand new version of Ukulele Underground is up and running! We think that this is the best version of the UU that we've ever put up and we hope that we can help you achieve your goals with the ukulele that much faster. To celebrate this new site as well passing 200k subscribers on our YouTube channel, we're holding an Aloha Friday Concert at 1pm HST on our YouTube Live page. Aldrine will be performing and we'll be giving away tons of free prizes. So please, join us it's going to be a blast!


  1. I always begin in the wrong chord 🙂 but after a while I find that I can flow into it and sometimes it sounds pretty good! Personally, it has helped me “search” for the correct chord through my fingers and ears …then there’s always Aldrine to watch! And you KNOW he does it right!

  2. I loved the show. But as a beginner, it would be very helpful to have the keys in the songs played to be highlighted in yellow or another color so I can know when to switch chords. Short of this, my playing sounds like cacophony and I’m often on the wrong chord.

    1. Hey Lionwoman,

      We didn’t include the chord graphics for the concert, because the guys wanted to do more of a performance for our supporters. The chord graphics will be back for our normal Aloha Friday Jams. Thanks for tuning in, and hope to see you at the next Aloha Friday Jam.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

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