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Hey UUers!

It's getting hotter, summer is approaching, and cool new things in the world of ukulele are beginning to pop up. And like all of our favorite "pop" things - popcorn, PopTarts, pop stars - this month's episode of Uke Lessons (the awesome pop song, "Sign of the Times" by pop singer Harry Styles) is something we want to partake in and devour ravenously until realizing that we had a little too much of it.

This one is super simple, with a straightforward strumming pattern, easy chords in the key of F, and a few no-nonsense picking riffs that will have you playing this song in no time. And with the help of Joey Charles (also featured on the Play-Along videos for "Danny's Song" by Kenny Loggins, "Hold on Forever" by Rob Thomas, and "Seasons of Love" from Rent) along with the gorgeous vocal stylings of Dondi Iannucci for the Play-Along video, you'll want to play this one over and over again just for the fun of it.

Try it out, practice, and let us know what you think! And as always, if you have any questions or need any help at all, send a message and we'll be right here for you. Have fun & keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. You guy’s did a better job on “Sign of the Times,” by Harry Styles, than Harry himself. And the woman who is singing has an amazing voice.

  2. Hi there! You know that I have discovered this song by your tutorial and I loved it so much the way it was, only found out the harry styles version after but prefer your cover wayyy better.
    Anyhow, I’m learning to play it with my Uke, so far so good. I only have a little difficulty with the picking you do on the A string 10th fret. I played the tuto slow motion so many times to figure out what little trick you do with your fingers! As far as I can see you pick it while moving it upward to produce this sound but I feel like I’m missing something as my sound doesn’t resonate as good! Or if you have a tutorial already there on how to produce this kind of sound, I just have no idea how it’s called! Thanks for your help!

    1. Hey Aurelie

      Thank you for your very kinds words! The technique you are referring to is called a bend. Aldrine shows you how to do in the context of the song at 9:20 into the tutorial video at the very top of the page.

      For some more in depth tutorials on how to do bends you can check out Ukulele Webcam Sessions (Ep.7) – Ukulele Expression Tricks or you can watch this Uke Minutes: How to Bend Notes .

      I hope this helps you out with your bends! And thank you again for checking out Ukulele Underground!

      -Kira (UU Staff)

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