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On Day 4 of our NAMM experience, Aldrine and Kyle (along with many of our ukulele-playing friends) wrap up their Ukulele Top Picks for NAMM 2017 in the following categories:

00:35Best Looking Ukulele
Kyle – Enya Music, 5th Anniversary Custom Tenor
Aldrine – Kanile’a Ukulele, I’iwi Reforestation Project Custom Tenor
(with interview highlights from Lise and Emi Lee, Kalei Gamiao, and Jason Arimoto)

Also chiming in:
Ukulenny – All of the new Kala Elite Series ukuleles showcased at NAMM
Rachel Manke – Kala Ukulele, Three Cord Strand Tenor Cutaway KOA-T-3C-C
Daniel Ho – Naturel Ukuleles (made by Naoki Yoshiro), Custom Concert
Corey Fujimoto – Kanilea Ukulele, 2017 Platinum Edition Super Concert

02:36Best Sounding Ukulele
Aldrine – C.F. Martin & Co., Custom Tenor
Kyle – Godin Guitars, Godin Multiuke

04:15Best Accessory
Kyle – L.R. Baggs Synapse Personal PA System
(with interview highlights from Corey Fujimoto, Mim of Mim’s Ukes, and Ukulenny)
Aldrine – Cling On Magnetic Tuner
(with interview highlights from Jason Arimoto, Andrew Molina, Asada Atornphatai of Ribbee Ukulele Thailand, Bryan Tolentino, and Kalei Gamiao)

06:26Best Value (“Best Bang for Your Buck”)
Aldrine – Ohana Ukuleles, TK-70R Tenor with Slotted Headstock
Kyle – Kala Ukulele, Kala Ka-ZCT-T with L.R. Baggs Five.O Pickup

07:53Most Innovative Ukulele
Aldrine – Kala Ukulele, Kala Elite Parquetry Series Tenor KOA-T-PQT
Kyle – Risa Musical Instruments, Risa Electric Ukuleles (now in Stratocaster, Telecaster, and Les Paul Styles)

Also chiming in:
Jason Arimoto – Romero Creations, Tiny Tenor Ukulele
Ken Middleton – Blackbird Guitars, Farallon Ekoa Tenor Ukulele
Corey Fujimoto – Blackbird Guitars, Farallon Ekoa Tenor Ukulele
Mim – Risa Musical Instruments, Risa Electric Ukuleles

12:23Honorable Mentions
Kamaka Ukulele, Jake Shimabukuro Production Line Signature Tenor
Sumi Ukulele, Gibson Hummingbird-Styled Custom

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