We got a number of requests to do a Whiteboard lesson on the award winning song "City of Stars", from the film La La Land. After watching the movie himself, Aldrine was happy to oblige. In this lesson, Aldrine teaches you the version Ryan Gosling performs while on the pier. This song calls for 6 chords, 3 of which are barre chords. For our UU+ members who are struggling with barre chords, be sure to check out the list of technique linked below, or watch the Ukulele 101 Lesson covering barre chords. Aldrine goes over a very straight forward strumming pattern, he also demonstrates how you can substitute the strumming by creating your own fingerpicking pattern to play through out the song. Aldrine also teaches you a charming intro picking that can double as an outro depending on how you want to play the song.

Download the Whiteboard (pdf)
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Techniques Used in Lesson:

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  1. OK, so I have not seen this movie as yet, but I love musicals. The chord shapes are so cool. Now I will check out the song. Thanks for presenting. The new whiteboard is super; this is better for me.

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