1. Hey Leighann,

      If you are interested, we just had a discussion about how we label our song lessons. Aldrine talks about the wide range of beginners and his general definition of a beginner. The guys also share some of the challenges they face when categorizing song lessons into skill levels. If you want, you can see that discussion HERE. It comes up 37:00 into the video. Thanks for your input and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to let us know.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

  1. @4silverbeach Right, so isolate only the melody notes first and ignore anything ‘extra’ – maybe get the tab and highlight them with a pen. Then you know how the song moves regardless of the chord arrangement.

  2. I’m frustrated that the sheet music doesn’t match with the tutorial. I want to learn to play it just the way it’s done in the tute. Is there something I need to learn about reading tablature? For instance, measure 4 has a single d note, which is not played in the tutorial, but then measure 5 has a G chord in which the d note is “highlighted”. So the d note in measure 4 truly never happens. I’ve been working on this for about two hours now, and I can’t get past measures 10-13. I’d love a pdf TAB that is accurate, or if the fault is with me because I’m such a newbie, I’d love to be directed to a tutorial that will help me understand. Thanks so much. All your other tutorials so far have worked for me with the TAB. I am still enjoying your website immensely.

  3. I am surprised that this is classified as “beginners” ! Seems rather difficult to pick up the plucking of notes plus partial chords in the first instance of learning a piece of music! It’s beautiful if one can manage and remember all of those variations.

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