In this special Christmas edition of Whiteboard Requests, Aldrine teaches you "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. This song is such a smash hit of "modern" holiday music that it's pretty much grouped in with classic Christmas tunes. The song has quite a bit of chords, including a few barre chords, and two chord progressions that are somewhat long. Aldrine walks you through them and offers a helpful tip for feeling your way through the chord changes. He also teaches you a quick little picking intro that emulates the music box opening of the song; it adds the finishing touch like the star being placed atop the tree. After a bit of practice, you'll be ready to spread some holiday cheer with "All I Want for Christmas is You".

Bonus: For our fellow music theory geeks, check out this awesome VIDEO that explains why this song feels so darn "Christmassy".

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  1. Thank you for your lesson. I love the way you teach. I learned break down from you and I love it. Although, I must practice every day to do well. Thank you again and happy holiday to you too.

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