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This ukulele lesson teaches you how to play a solo arrangement of 'I'll Remember You' by Kui Lee. The song was later cover by Don Ho and Elvis Presley. This lesson is part of our UU+ Solos series where we teach arrangements of classical music and traditional Hawaiian songs. Our UU+ Solo lessons include tabs, complete Play-Alongs, and slowed down practice videos. We have over 150 songs in our song lesson library so feel free to take a look!


  1. A very pretty tune. Probably my wife’s favorite tune that I play. First heard it aboard a helicopter tour over Kauai (highly recommended). I can’t do the classic Bb, so I barre the first fret. The transition to and from is still a bit difficult, but acceptable.

  2. Howzit Aldrine…really enjoying the I’ll Remember You Lessons…Also UU 101…Learning to play the uke…living the dream…dankeschon again…UU is awesome…here in SoCal…g

  3. I first heard this song at the luau at the Hale Koa on Waikiki. I had never heard it before and I had no idea of it’s significance to so many couples, including my in-laws. I saw that night how meaningful this song was to them; it really brought them to another place. Watching this lesson really brought me back to that moment. What a breathtakingly beautiful song this is, and so evocative of Hawaii and of what Hawaii means to so many Americans. Thank you so much for bringing me back to that moment.

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