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This ukulele lesson teaches you how to play a solo arrangement of 'Ode to Joy'. Originally a poem written by Friedrich Schiller,'Ode To Joy' is most commonly known for it's use in the fourth movement of Beethoven's ninth and final symphony. This lesson is part of our UU+ Solos series where we teach arrangements of classical music and traditional Hawaiian songs. Our UU+ Solo lessons include tabs, complete Play-Alongs, and slowed down practice videos. We have over 150 songs in our song lesson library so feel free to take a look!

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  1. For the first verse, is it supposed to be an A chord or an A7 chord? In the tutorial it shows an A chord, and in the playalong it shows an A7 chord. As always though, great tutorial!

    1. Hey Justin,

      good catch. It is taught as an A chord, but because A and A7 are so close, either one can be used. I think Aldrine just went with what chord was comfortable when we recorded the Play Along. You can use whichever one you want.

      -Kahai (UU Staff)

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