1. I’ve had the same trouble with the strumming, way too much going on for me at my current skill level. To remedy, I’ve removed some of the strumming and slowed the speed of which I strum. Instead of the Hard Down, up, down, Hard up, up, down, etc. I changed it to Hard down, Hard Up,, hard down, hard up, hard down, up, down, up, down. Also the extra notes he adds to Bm7 and A…. for Bm7, I only strum the added note on the down strum for Bm7, and I only strum the added not on the up strum for A.
      Frankly, it’s a good simple version, but his version sounds the best.

  1. Hey Ukulele under ground Can you do Star Spangled Banner for the White Board request please. I volunteer for veterans and would love to surprise them with this. Thanks

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