This whiteboard lesson covers a classic song by the Beatles. "Hey Jude" has a whopping 8 chords, with "Bb" being the most difficult. Aldrine walks you through each chord, and offers some helpful tips to make the hefty chord count more manageable. He also goes over the strumming pattern as well as the chord progressions for the verse, chorus, and bridge. With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to play "Hey Jude" while your friends and family rock out with some "nah, nah, nah nanananah".

Download the Whiteboard (pdf)
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Watch Aldrine play Hey Jude in a previous Aloha Friday Jam

Techniques Used in Lesson:


  1. Thank you really enjoyed tonight,s Jan. I read that you folks were going to be in Tampa fl November 6&8! Is that for this year or was that last year

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