This ukulele lesson teaches you how to play a solo arrangement of 'Ukulele Waltz' an original song by Aldrine Guerrero. The song was inspired by the imagery of two ukuleles dancing to a waltz. This lesson is part of our UU+ Solos series where we teach arrangements of classical music and traditional Hawaiian songs. Our UU+ Solo lessons include tabs, complete Play-Alongs, and slowed down practice videos. We have over 150 songs in our song lesson library so feel free to take a look!

This is a UU+ exclusive lesson. Please login to watch the tutorial.


  1. great except I cannot get my finger to curve in extension enough to bar the GCE strings and then have the A free….
    Is there a substitute that would work? Beautiful song. Thanks.

  2. Absolutely fabulous, as always, Aldrine! And what’s even better: you made it understandable . . . and learnable!

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