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Hey UUers!

In the last few months, lots and lots of wonderfully exciting new projects have been bubbling under the surface of Ukulele Underground - some that we just can't wait for you to experience and enjoy! They're coming soon, but for right now, we've got a brand new episode of Uke Lessons just for you. This time, we've got the song "Everything" by Michael Bublé for your uke-playing pleasure.

So here's the thing: most of the time when we say that a song might be a little difficult it's most likely because the picking is tricky (ex. Uke Lesson 99 - Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix). Rarely it's because there's a strumming pattern(s) that might take awhile to master (ex. Uke Lesson 83 - Oye Como Va by Santana). But only once in a blue moon do we ever introduce a song that requires you to really be on your toes and sharpen your chord switching skills. THIS is one of those songs.

Here are the reasons. First off, "Everything" is in two different keys; the entire song modulates from one key to another mid-song. Secondly, one of those keys is the key of E; a key that is often used on guitar, but less frequently used on the ukulele. Third, the chords switch at varying intervals, sometimes during weird positions in the strumming pattern. All of these things should keep you busy practicing for a little while, to get those changes down. BUT, make no mistake, when you do finally nail the chords and changes, it will probably be the most fun and satisfying song you'll be able to play on your uke in a long time.

So practice those chords, try those switches, and when you think you've got it, try playing along with the Play-Along (then practice some more, and then try again). And as always, if you have any questions, let us know - we're always here to help! Have fun with this little puzzler, keep practicing, and rock on.

-UU Staff


  1. As advertised! This is a great chord switching work out. A very enjoyable way to practice those essential skills.

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