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Hey UUers!

Alright, there's no way to sugar coat it - this month's episode of Uke Lessons is not an easy one to learn. It's Little Wing by guitar legend, Jimi Hendrix - and while we could have made a simple beginner version of this song for you to play along to easily, it would have been a disservice to you, the aspiring ukulele player, and to Jimi Hendrix himself, whose innovative playing style changed the face of music forever. So your task today, if you choose to accept it, is to step up your game, learn some techniques that have never before been revealed on the ukulele, and pay proper tribute to one of the idols of rock n' roll.

For the Play-Along for this video, we teamed up with our long time friend and blues uke player, Jason Arimoto. Jason is the lead instructor at U-Space LA, and along with Grammy Award-Winning ukulele player, Daniel Ho, one of the creators of PhD Strings (available in the UU Store!) We just released an episode of Ukulele Duos with Jason on UU+, where he and Aldrine played Little Wing, along with other songs, so definitely check it out for more great music with Jason Arimoto!

So dive into Little Wing - take it very slowly, piece-by-piece. There are a ton of very tricky sections that require some things that you may never have done on your ukulele, but be persistent, keep practicing, and it will all pay off in the end. And if you have any questions about any of the techniques for this song, or need any help at all, we're always here for you - rock on & keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. This is so fantastic, I can’t even express myself.
    Thank you for the ever-so-kind gift!
    Just listening to the performance alone is transcendent.

  2. Of all the songs that don’t have a downloadable tab, it’s got to be this one. Woe is me. At 68, short-term memory is not my best skillset. The chords and the riffs are easy, I just can’t remember the order of the picking.

    1. Hey Azul,

      I’m sorry we don’t have a downloadable tab for this song. Little Wing in particular is a tricky song to tab out. If you check out this Thursday Live Lesson Replay at 38:30 into the video, Aaron talks about why we didn’t provide tabs for this song.

      I’m sorry I couldn’t help you out more, but hopefully this clears it up a little.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

    2. Really! I have the same problem and I am almost ready to give up. Has anyone tabbed this out to share? I would so appreciate the help. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much! I’ve been working on this for the last couple of months and I’m finally there! Like Jimi himself, I think my singing sucks, but unlike Jimi it actually does suck ? But I still can’t believe I can even approximate a Jimi song 🙂 (^___^)

  4. So cool! I use to play acoustic guitar. Want to try Ukulele and buy a good one. Could you advise me for it? Thanks very much. Keep going…. Tom

  5. This is aaaawsome! Thank you so much for teaching us this! Looking forward for more masterpieces like this!

  6. This is a really incredible version of a song I really really love. Thanks for sharing your mad skills with the planet! I can’t wait to master this and make all my naysayer buddies’ jaws drop around the campfire this summer!

    Hendrix is king!

  7. I really wish you would include the chord sheets for your songs, I would even be willing to pay to down load them.

  8. This is hard find it difficult just to hold the ukulele while sliding my left hand down the neck.

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