In this episode of the Ukulele Underground Podcast we have a very special guest. We've had many, many, many episodes in which we've talked about the band Pure Heart (Jake Shimabukuro's first band) and how their music impacted our lives and pretty much set us on the path to do what we are doing today. Well behinds the scenes during those days was Tracey Terada. Tracey was one of Jake's ukulele teachers and helped him record and produce his first albums with Pure Heart as well as his first solo albums. When we were in high school, listening to all those CDs, we would always read Tracey Terada's name in the liner notes and its still a little surreal to us that he is now someone we consider a friend.

In this episode we go over Trey's musical history, how he got to know Jake and he came to become Jake's teacher to producing those first albums and what the experience of being involved of one of the hottest bands in Hawaii in the late 90s. We also got him to share some tips that he's been teaching to help people with arthritis to play the ukulele.

He's also a very hilarious guy and this may be an episode where watching the video may be worth while.

Audio Version

Since he has started taking on students again recently, we were lucky enough to get him on Lesson Underground. You can book a lesson with Trey here:

Trey's Lesson Underground Profile


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