Hello UUers out there. So sorry for the long delayed in podcast episodes. Aldrine's computer which we edit all the audio for these episodes broke down a few weeks ago and we've been struggling trying to get it fixed on this tiny island without an Apple store. We did want to get this episode out before Christmas because we have our friend Mim from Mim's ukes on the program who is a longtime UU forum member and also a online purveyor of ukuleles. In this episode she shares her story of going from an ice cream shop owner to an ukulele dealer, how she fell in love with the instrument and also some fantastic tips for buying ukuleles.

You can find out more about Mim on her website: http://mimsukes.com/

Once again we sincerely apologize for the audio quality of this episode, it is unedited but we really wanted to get it out before Christmas because we thought it contains some great tips for buying ukuleles.


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