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Ho, ho, ho UUers!

It's a wintry start to the holiday season with your ukulele in hand - so break out the eggnog and lights, we're about to deck the halls with a festive, holiday tune for all to hear! This time on Uke Lessons, we've got "Jingle Bell Rock" by Bobby Helms for you to rock out on.

Aside from the quick chord changes, this one should be fairly simple once you get it all down, so be sure to play and sing along to the Play-Along that we created just for you. And if singing's not your thing, we also have an all-ukulele solo version of this song available as a lesson on UU+ Solos - Jingle Bell Rock (Solo Ukulele Arrangement). For more wintertime fun, check out our complete lessons for, "The Christmas Song" (also available as a UU+ Solo Arrangement), "What Child Is This?," "White Christmas," "Winter Wonderland," and "Let It Snow."

Have fun - keep your ukulele safe and happy this holiday season (and be prepared to properly welcome new ukuleles into your humble homes)! Keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. Once again Aldine stellar lesson. I can’t tell you enough how great you are!!!
    Thank you so much a great rendition.

  2. Thank you, Aldrine, this is a wonderful rendition of this Christmas song–and quite easy to learn and perform. Last year, my students played it at their 2016 Ukulele Christmas Concert, and it was such a smash, the new, younger students were so inspired by it that they’ve already requested it for next year’s Ukulele Christmas Concert in 2018!

  3. thank you, that is such a groovy song forChristmas and a beautiful sound on your arrangement on Ukulele! Is there a classic new years song I am just wondering?

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