In today's episode of the Ukulele Underground Podcast, we have Taimane Gardner on the show. For those unfamiliar with Taimane Gardner, she is a well known Hawaii based ukulele entertainer who has traveled all around the world. We talk about her very young start in the music industry busking in the streets of Waikiki and also about her experiences being mentored by the legendary Don Ho. She has a very unique take on performing with the ukulele and her shows are unlike any other ukulele show you've seen so we highly encourage you to check her out next time you're on Oahu!

Please let us know what you think of these interview podcasts and who you'd like to see on the show next!


  1. Thank you for this enjoyable interview with Taimane. I absolutely love her music so it’s great to see the “other side ” of her:)

  2. I enjoyed this interview and saw Taimane several years ago performing at the Moana Hotel and Hyatt with my family.
    I didn’t realize she is only 21 because she very articulate and well spoken. I hope to see Taimane’s star continually to rise along with her creativity. Aldrine you are the bomb. Aloha Josh

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