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Hey UUers!

Many, many of you have been asking for more song lessons from Hawaii, so you can play your uke with a little more Hawaiian flair - so this month we're bringing you exactly that, with the iconic "Waimanalo Blues" by Country Comfort. For this episode of Uke Lessons, Aldrine shows you a pretty simple arrangement of the song that you can add an easy-to-follow Hawaiian Riff to, making your playing sound distinctly Hawaiian. And for those of you who were waiting for an authentic "Slack-Key" arrangement of this song, sit tight, we're releasing a complete slack-key solo version of this song on UU+ later this month!

Also for all of you UUers in Australia, Aldrine will be making his very first trip to Australia this month for SPRUKE: the Brisbane Ukulele Festival

2-4 October 2015
SPRUKE: Brisbane Ukulele Festival
Workshops & Concert
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And for UUers in the UK, Aldrine will be at the Grand Southern Ukulele Festival in Portsmouth

9-11 October 2015
Grand Southern Ukulele Festival
Workshops & Concert
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If you're in the area, please come out to the show - we'd love to meet and jam with you! Have fun with the lesson, play along with the Waimanalo Blues Ukulele Play-Along, and stay tuned for more awesome ukulele goodness right here in the Underground - keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. Just as a minor detail from play-along video … play-along uses four chords G, G7, D, C instead of just three (G, D, C), but I guess G and G7 are close enough to each others that you can do it with three ?…

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