A TON of things went down in the Underground this September! Here's what you missed:

Free Stuff:
"Imagine" by John Lennon tutorial on Uke Lessons
Imagine (John Lennon) Ukulele Play-Along

Podcast interview with Jody Kamisato
Podcast interview with Taimane Gardner

On UU+:
"Heart & Soul" UU+ Solo Ukulele Tutorial (with Slowdowns)
Other UU+ Solo Tutorials
Live Lesson Thursday Replays

Aldrine 2015 TOUR:

2-4 October
SPRUKE: Brisbane Ukulele Festival
Workshops & Concert
Buy Tickets at spruke.net.au

9-11 October
Grand Southern Ukulele Festival
Workshops & Concert
Buy Tickets at southernuke.com

6-8 November
Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway
Tampa Bay, FL
More Info: tampabayukulele.com/

27-29 November
All That Ukulele
Seoul, South Korea
More Info: Mplan, edum.kr

Waimanalo Blues:
Complete Uke Lessons episode + Play Along release date: October 1, 2015
Complete UU+ Solos slack-key arrangement + Slowdowns release date: October 15, 2015

Secret Project:
Lesson Underground
Sign up to be in the first round of students/teachers to take it for a spin!

October is on its way! Stay tuned for much more UKULELE awesomeness made just for you!

-UU Staff


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