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Hey UUers!

Lots and lots of awesome new things have been brewing here in the Underground, but first we'll delve head first into the main event - a brand new episode of UKE LESSONS! This month, we bring you the song "Stitches" by Shawn Mendes for your listening and uke-playing pleasure. This one is a fairly straightforward and simple song, but the trick to it lies in the speed of the fingerpicking (really practice this to be able to play it quick!), and mastering the somewhat unfamiliar chords (it's in the key of C#).

For those of you having a little trouble with the unconventional key and barre chords, you can (if you have one) use a capo on the 1st fret of your ukulele and the chords to this song become insanely simple to play:

Stitches Chords with Capo

If you do decide to use a capo to play the chords, do not shift up one fret when you are doing the picking, just play the picking exactly where Aldrine shows you to in the video. And if you don't own an ukulele capo, pick one up at the UU Store (Kyser Ukulele Capo) and we'll send a brand new one right to your door!

This lesson also features the Palm Muting technique. Watch the Uke Minutes on Palm Mute Fingerpicking for more information and instruction on how to pull this off.

For the Play-Along video for this song, we teamed up, virtual-collab-style, with our good friend Kyle Furusho. *Applause for Kyle and his vocal abilities* You may know Kyle from his episode on UU+ Duos - Kyle Furusho where he talked, jammed, and showed off his ukulele chops alongside Aldrine. Check it out if you're in the mood to be amazed.

Speaking of UU+ Duos, we also just released another episode, UU+ Duos - John Nash, this time with our buddy John Nash from the Bay Area. He was in town a few months ago so we decided to sit him down and pick his brain and uke. Head over to John's website, Ukulele Inspired, for some great ukulele resources and inspiration.

Lesson Underground

And finally, new, new, news straight from the Underground - we're currently in the process of developing an awesome new website and resource for all of you looking to grow your musical abilities and playing. Lesson Underground will be the central hub for aspiring musicians like you, connecting players and teachers from all over the world - so you can learn EXACTLY what YOU want to learn. While we love making lesson videos for you here on UU (and will continue to do so long, long into the future), we also know that you have very specific requests for songs, styles, and techniques. We can't possibly cover everything you may want - but with Lesson Underground, along with the help of some of the greatest music teachers from around the world, we can and will!

Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to get you access to the Beta as soon as Lesson Underground launches. And if you can teach music (all instruments are welcome) and want to connect one-on-one with students, helping with the monumental task of teaching music to the world, please click the Teacher Sign Up.

Keep strummin', UUers. Since the beginning of the Underground, together we have been spreading the love of music, growing the next generation of musicians, and making the world a better place. And the fun has only just begun.

-UU Staff


  1. Lesson Underground sounds awesome. Looking forward to using the resources. But do you have to pay or do anything to get a specific lesson? And are they video lessons? Is it open to everyone or only UU+ members? If anyone can help with my questions, please reply!!!

    1. Hey ukuleletilly!

      Thanks for the comment! Lesson Underground is open to anyone – Enter your name and email address on the Lesson Underground page ( and we’ll keep you updated on the progress and when it will launch.

      The way it will work for students is that you’ll create a post for what you want to learn (posting is free). You’ll add details, including video examples, what you’re having trouble with, and/or your price range. You will be connected with teachers who are qualified to teach you exactly what you want to learn (they will have pages to show their skill level and hourly rate), and you will be able to choose the best option for you, based on that information. Once your lesson is scheduled and booked, your lesson will take place over Skype (or other program), where you can interact and ask questions in a live setting.

      This way you get private, one-on-one instruction with some of the best teachers in the world, to get the exactly the kind of instruction that you want and need. You no longer have to settle for paying your local private music teacher who may or may not know the techniques or songs you want to learn.

      For more information, check out the website

      Thanks again and keep strummin’

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

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