This ukulele lesson teaches you how to play a solo arrangement of 'Guava Jam'. This lesson is part of our UU+ Solos series where we teach arrangements of classical music and traditional Hawaiian songs. Our UU+ Solo lessons include tabs, complete Play-Alongs, and slowed down practice videos. We have over 150 songs in our song lesson library so feel free to take a look!

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  1. I’m interested in knowing how best to pick my right hand during most of the parts. Do I just use one finger to repeatedly hit the string, or do I alternate between index, middle, and ring? What’s the best way to practice and what would be the simplest way to do the right hand motions?

  2. I realize this is an old lesson but here goes my question. I am having problems with the strum. I can get a good strum, but then the vamp changes me up. I think it is the timing of the hammer on. For the general strum to my ears it sounds like D Du uDu and for the vamp D Dh uDu, where h is the hammer on for the G7sus. Is that correct?

  3. Hey Guys,
    Guava jam is played with a high G in the video but my uke has a low G. Does it sound ok to play it with a low G?

  4. Awesome lesson! The song is actually coming a lot faster then i thought but strumming patterns are still very difficult for me to figure out and I can’t make the strum sound right. Help Please?

    1. Hi musicnobody,

      Thanks for checking out the lesson. Can you explain a little more what exactly is giving you problems? Like if it’s a specific part of the song, or maybe certain chord changes with the strumming pattern. That way, I can let Aldrine know, and we can actually get back to you during the live lesson this Thursday. If it’s a really basic problem, I might be able to direct you to a video that may help.

      – Kahai (UU Staff)

      1. The parts that are giving me the most trouble are where to hammer on for the vamp and the faster chord changes while strumming verse 1. I think i was able to figure the rest out

        Thanks for quick response

        1. Hey music,
          Thanks for getting back with more details. I’ll relay it to Aldrine, and we’ll probably go over it in the Live Lesson tomorrow. You can watch the live lesson here. We start the live lesson at 2 pm Hawaii Time, but if you can’t make it we should have the lesson up sometime this week. Hopefully we can help you tomorrow, and if you need anything else please feel free to ask.

  5. Great lesson. I can actually play the whole arrangement which amazes me, but would really appreciate the complete play along of both strumming and picking versions at slower speeds please!! Maybe 50% and 75%. Many thanks.

    1. Hey Faye,

      Sorry this took so long, but we put up the Picking Play Along and the Strumming Play Along at 50% speed. Hopefully you still find them helpful. If you need anything else, we would be happy to help.

      – Kahai Furugen (UU Staff)

  6. As always, excellent job with the lesson. In particular, I like the way you break down the song with some basic strumming to start off, then build on that to the full finger-picked version. I’ve been working on this song based on some other resources I found, but have had a few sticking points — your lesson is exactly what I need to smooth out a few parts of the song and I look forward to practicing along to the play-alongs.

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