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Hey UUers!

As we head into summer and ukes are starting to be seen out and about, it's time to kick your playing up a notch and really learn a song that will turn some heads! This is one that we've been contemplating for awhile now - a complete tutorial for Layla by Eric Clapton for your ukulele pleasure. It is in no way an easy/beginner song, with its plethora of unusual & quick chord changes, but once you learn the intro picking and learn to play it relatively smoothly, you will definitely feel like a real musician. So take it slowly - it's definitely worth the effort!

For the Play-Along video, we got a little help from none other than our good friend Seeso (Narciso Lobo), who just released his own solo album available on iTunes and Amazon.

Have fun with the song and as always, if you have any questions, we're always here for you and all of your ukulele-playing needs. Keep strummin'!

-UU Staff


  1. I’m loving this song, but I’m having trouble with the play along when there is the part you didn’t go over in the lesson. Is it the same strumming pattern?

    1. Hey adkron!

      Ah, good catch! I think you’re referring to the second line of the verses (for example in Verse 1, “With no one waiting by your side”). It’s essentially the same strumming pattern, except that you’re just doing Down strums on those two middle chords to emphasize them. So the original strumming pattern is (D=Down, U=Up, X=Chunk, also I’ve renumbered the count as beats 1-8 instead of two sets of beats 1-4)):

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

      On the second line of the verse the strumming pattern is:

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

      Where you’re playing C#m7 on beat 1, C on beat 3, D on beat 4, and E on beat 5, where you continue the original strumming pattern. Hope that helps – practice this, take it slow and eventually work your way up to full speed. Rock on.

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

  2. As usual, your tutorials are thorough, fun and very clearly done. Thank you! I wrote out the tabs for your instructions in case you want to use them, hope the formatting isn’t too off.

    Intro[3x]                                            /Chorus[4th time]: 
    A|--0--3--5-|-5-----x-x-x--2-|-x-5-|   |-0--3--5-|-5-----x-x-x--3-|-3--0--3---|
    E|--------5-|----8--6-6-x--2-|-x-5-|   |-------5-|----8--6-6-x--3-|-3---------|
    C|--------5-|-------5-5-x--4-|-x-5-|   |-------5-|-------5-5-x--4-|-4---------|
    G|--------5-|-------5-5-x--5-|-x-5-|   |-------5-|-------5-5-x--5-|-5---------|
            [Dm]         [Bb] [C]   [Dm]          [Dm]        [Bb] [C/  /]     [A/]
    Solo at end: 
  3. Thanks guys, great job as usual. Fun to learn , fun to play what else we need??????????????

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