Hey UUers!

As you may have already heard through our Facebook and Twitter posts, after months of planning, organizing, talking with builders, and designing, we are insanely close to finally being able to make the New UU Ultra Wide Neck Uke a reality. Be sure to check out the video above to fund this important cause and get yourself a pre-order for the first run of ULTRA Wide Ukes.

To watch an account of one man's personal struggle with LFS, be sure to check out the following VIDEO.

A huge MAHALO to all of our current Kickstarter backers - there are only a couple days left & we're hoping that we're able to reach our goal! Thank you for all the support & keep strummin'

UU Kickstarter Support

Kickstarter Page Post

Logos Post

-UU Staff


  1. Aloha from sunny Wisconsin. I love the concept. Can I get one for LOP due to CWNC syndrome?
    LOP (Lack Off Practice) caused by CWNC (Chronic Wife Noise Complaining) has really put me behind the other kids in class.

  2. You said it! You are insanely close alright! Close to what exactly, is not entirely clear however…

    Once LFS is vanquished perhaps we could collaborate on a cure for a problem I am currently suffering from: PUWSTBDSES…. playing-uke-when-supposed-to-be-doing-something-else-syndrome, which doesn’t really bother the victim as much as the people around them! I pretty sure my wife would empty the bank account if there was even a glimmer of hope for cure.

    Seriously though, Thanks for the great videos, advice, enthusiasm and encouragement.

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