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Hey UUers!

Here in the Underground, we receive emails from all over the world from uke players just like you! And while we love all of the awesome messages and questions you send us, some of our very favorite go something like this:

"I've been playing the ukulele for awhile and learning from your video lessons and tutorials online. I like playing, but rarely sing. Could you please create more instrumental ukulele lessons for me to learn and play?"

You got it! This month's lesson is a bit of a challenge, meaning you'll really have to practice holding and switching between each of the chords in order to get it down, but you will feel like a total boss when you're able to pull off Antonio Carlos Jobim's bossa-nova jazz standard, "One Note Samba" on your ukulele. Take it slow, practice like crazy, and you will be rewarded! And as always, if you've got questions or need anything at all, shoot us an email and we've got you covered. Happy strummin'!

-UU Staff

P.S. For MORE instrumental ukulele arrangements, check out "What Child Is This?" (Greensleeves), "My Heart Will Go On" (Titanic Theme), "The Office" (Theme Song), "Hawaii Five-O" (Theme Song), "Tetris" (Korobeiniki), and "Europa" (Carlos Santana).


  1. I am amazed I could learn this and memorize it also. Not an easy thing for me to do. Must be the instructor.

  2. Fabulous lesson. The ukulele is so good for brazilian music! Could you do another bossa nova or samba lesson again sometime.

  3. That was brilliant. I remember originally learning the song a few years back with one of the earlier, grainy videos on UStream but forgot the solo fingering so had to come back for a refresher. It all came back! Thanks for all the effort put into making a new tutorial!

  4. Thank you so much aldrine I’ve learned so much from ukulele underground. Can you please do a song by the band HAPA? Like Anjuli or olinda road one of their fingerpicking songs thanks!

  5. I know everyone has different “wants” when it comes to song lessons, and people are at different levels of experience, but I was really excited to see this instrumental posted. It’s challenging, but it’s fun! Hope to see more.

  6. Thanks, UU staffers, for the instrumentals. I too love the instrumentals on the ukulele. Besides the ones mentioned above there’s “Classical Gas”. Excellent job. Mahalo.

  7. Thanks for making the tutorial for One Note Samba, I was looking everywhere for a tutorial for the picking pattern! Your site is great.

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