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Hey UUers!

As an ukulele player, there is a definite phase in your ukulele playing career when the way a song sounds in your head is strikingly different than the way the song comes out of your ukulele. With practice, your playing will improve and get closer to the imagined beauty in your mind, but for those who currently feel stuck in this beginner/intermediate playing rut (aside from offering 2 weeks of UU+ for free) we have the iconic rock song, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by The Rolling Stones.

Check out the video to learn the strumming pattern / riff, which involves some very quick chord changes but, once you practice and are able to play it at the proper speed, actually provides a whole lot of ukulele satisfaction. Play along with the Satisfaction Play-Along and if you have any questions or suggestions for lessons, let us know! Rock on and keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. Wow! This one is so great! I still have a ways to go before it’s totally smooth, but I love it. Thanks!

  2. UU and You provide a wealth of ukulele instruction and insight. What a treasure! I wonder what the prospects are of your presenting at the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society (TBUS) Getaway (TBUG) or doing TBUS workshops at Sam Ash music as have Lil Rev, Stu Fuchs, and Sarah & Craig.

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