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Hey UUers!

The year is moving right along and as a little gift for sticking to your New Year's ukulele-resolutions, we've got another episode of Uke Lessons, just for you! Last month, the ukulele was a featured guest on the 200th episode of the CBS show, How I Met Your Mother, when "The Mother" (Cristin Milioti) plays a version of "La Vie En Rose" on the uke. So we've decided to do a nice (read: "even better") arrangement of the song that you can play on your very own ukulele as both an instrumental or as accompaniment.

So check it out and let us know what you think! In the Play-Along video, Aldrine is accompanied by fellow musician, Juno Apalla, who really took one for the team and learned the French version as well, for all you French-speaking UUers, so please be sure to thank her in the comments. Have fun with this one and as always, keep strummin'!

-UU Staff

Techniques Used in Lesson:
How to Hold Multiple Strings
How to Hold Barre Chords
How to Hold the E Chord
Hammer On Chords
Mastering Difficult Chords
Singing and Playing


  1. Kiaora Aldrine.

    What Ukulele are you using, Concert? Lovely sound. And Juno Apalla I could not get enough of hearing a beautiful voice like hers. Tell Juno to sing more on utube. Juno makes it look all to easy. Me penei te kii, he manu korihi (let me say it like this, a chorus of birds singing). Waiatatia mai (entertain us) Juno. Noho ora mai (Be Well)

  2. This has made my day,correction,my year! ,I love it! The smiles,the laugh at the end,the song was brilliant,the arrangement is superb.the roses in the hair.the voice unbelievable,the playing wonderful and again the smiles.
    ,do you have any outtakes ,rehearsals ,especially the laugh at the end, I am sure they are just as enjoyable,you are both having so much fun after learning a not easy song ,including the French.congratulations to everyone involved ,

  3. You guys sound great! Juno has a lovely voice and Aldrine, you make learning the chords and picking pattern easy! Thanks!

  4. Hi! You are awesome, I love this song, thank you. I think that you should include tabs and chords in PDF, but if you can’t do it, doesn’t matter :3 thanks…

  5. you guys are the best. i played along and learned this from you. your display of the chords and when to play them makes it so easy, as long as i repeat and repeat. i am in awe. and, yes, Aldrine, you did a fine job with the french. i am a french speaker, and you did very well.

  6. Aloha
    Nice arrangement by you Aldrin…one of the master songs of Edith Piaf
    For Juno….I living in the french speaking part of Belgium..and I can confirm your French is perfect..I wish I could do the same in English…anyway..If one day ,you come to Brussels..I will invite you in the best restaurant of the city.
    Congratulations Both
    From Belgium

  7. Thanks for this! One of my favorite songs. And…I think I’m finally at the level where I can eventually put this whole lesson together in a few days -yes! Mahalo! long live the uke.

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