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Hey UUers!

It's officially 2014! What are your ukulele goals for this year? You might want to learn 12 new songs, memorize all of your essential chords, play at an open mic, improve your speed and dexterity, or even teach a friend to play so you can jam together. Whatever your goals are for this year, Ukulele Underground is always here to help!

About a year ago, we met a young singer-songwriter here on Kauai named MADISON that has been making a name for herself on YouTube and in the island music scene. Recently she released a new single, "It's Gonna Be OK" (featuring Aldrine!) so check it out and learn to play the chords, strumming pattern, and picking from the tutorial above, then play along with the Play-Along! To listen to and download the official studio version of this song, head over to iTunes or Amazon:

"It's Gonna Be OK" on iTunes
"It's Gonna Be OK" on Amazon

Have fun with this one and start your year off right with some ukulele awesomeness. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect!

-UU Staff

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