UU Store 11-26-13

Hey UUers!

The Holiday Season has come around again! Get your gift-giving on with some awesome ukulele-related presents for all of your uke-playing friends. NEW in the UU Store this season:

Ukulele Underground Trucker Hats ($15)
Now available in Black with white printing and White with black printing, Snap-back closure, and black mesh sides.

Aldrine's NEW Instrumental Ukulele Album, Bandito Tyler ($16)
A high-energy all instrumental original ukulele album by Aldrine Guerrero, released Oct. 2013

The New and Improved NS Micro Headstock Tuner ($19.99)
With an added visual metronome, tri-color backlit LCD screen, and the same low profile to make the tuner nearly invisible and perfect for ukuleles.

UU+ Gift Cards
Give the gift of quality ukulele lessons with UU+ Gift Cards. Each card allows you to gift complete access to the entire Ukulele Underground Archive (including all Ukulele Underground University courses, Master Class Seminars, Ukulele Practice Sessions, and bonus video and audio content) to your favorite ukulele player! Access for 1 Month ($30), 6 Months ($75), or 1 Year ($120) available.For more about UU+ Click HERE.

And as always, we have Ukulele Underground T-Shirts, Hoodies, Stickers, and Ukulele Strings available for you to pick up, too. Be sure to place your orders before Dec. 19th to ensure delivery by Christmas. Check out the UU+ Store & have a Happy Holiday Season!


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