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Hey UUers!

Are you ready to get into a little trouble!? On this month's episode of Uke Lessons, we delve right into Paul Simon's classic song about juvenile delinquency, "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard". On the surface, this song seems pretty easy - with a simple strumming pattern and a fairly easy single-note picking to match the whistling solo - but don't let that fool you, practice is a MUST in order to get this song down tight. With rapid-fire chord changes and a few of the more troublesome chords (including the dreaded E!), you might need to review the "Mastering Difficult Chords" Uke Minute to help you to pull this one off. Be sure to check out the "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" Play-Along to play the song along with Aldrine and, as always, let us know what you think! Hope your November is amazing - keep rocking that uke!

-UU Staff


  1. The picking pattern pdf doesn’t seem to match the video lesson. Am I missing something. I’ve tried to make revisions to the pdf but I’m not sure. Please advise.

    1. Hey Randy,

      what might be confusing you are the tied notes. They are the notes in the tab that have parenthesis around them. What they mean is that you hold the note before it for longer. You don’t really have to worry about these. You can cross out these notes entirely, and play everything but them, and you should be good. I hope that helps.

      -Kahai (UU Staff)

  2. Any chance of getting the tab for the entire song? At least a chord chart to go with the words of the song? Otherwise I will have to go through the play=along – Pause => Write down the words => write down the chords => play to the next verse switch => repeat. While not a huge deal it is kind of a pain and discouraging if I want to practice the song and didnt think to bring along the chord chart I made.

    Maybe is here on the website somewhere?

  3. Hey Aldrine, Would be fantastic to have tabs along with the video lessons to be able to practice without the video. Hope that’s possible. Thanks!

  4. I’m having a little trouble trying to master a few parts of this song, a version with just the ukulele and vocals would help out a lot. My daughters love this song and love to hear me hack my way through it while they use they’re ukuleles like hammers. .. Thanks for all the great videos by the way.

    Maybe I could make a request while I’m here. I would really like to learn I’ll Be Your Johnny On the Spot by Ween

  5. This solo makes me want to go crazy. Impossible to write down all the notes. Too long for a beginner. Just wrong. I hate you. You are mean.

  6. Learning this tune is a little like learning to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time. I finally got the strumming pattern down by practicing on muted strings. Plugging in the chord changes wasn’t too hard. But singing the lyrics without loosing the strumming pattern is proving to be a challenge. Once again, I’m back to muted strings and singing to get it all together. Another couple of days and I should have it down.

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