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Hey UUers!

Summer is officially here so we are kicking off the summertime sizzle with a little Sublime! A bunch of you were asking about this song, so here it is - a complete Uke Lesson (+ Play-Along) for "What I Got" by Sublime. Check it out to learn the chords, strumming pattern, finger picking pattern, and picking for this song and let us know what you think! Hope you have an awesome start to your summer - keep jammin' that uke of yours, be sure to bring it along when you run to the party, and dance to the rhythm (it gets harder). Rock on, uke player. Rock on.

-UU Staff


  1. If you are playing by yourself, what do you recommend for a more authentic feel to the song: the strumming pattern or the picking rhythm?

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful university! I”m getting so much out of it. I already play the piano but I wanted to learn ukelele and fast so that I can play it with this Senegalese music group I am a part of. (see website if you wanna see the project I’m working on to bring them to the US! ) This is literally the perfect way to learn it because it’s good quality courses with lots of extra material so that I can go through it at a pace that I want. Thanks for everything, I’m making lots of progress thanks to you!! 😀

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