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Hey UUers!

A couple of weeks ago, on Aldrine's Facebook Page, he asked, 'What song would YOU like to learn for this month's lesson?' On it, we saw a lot of great suggestions and one of the repeat responses was "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac. So here it is! Check out the video above for a complete tutorial for the song, with a break down of the chords, fingerpicking pattern, and picking. And once you've got them down, don't forget to play along with Aldrine's version of "Landslide" - the Ukulele Play-Along!

Hope you're having a wonderful 2013 so far! Even more great ukulele stuff to come this year, so buckle your seatbelts & hold on to your strummin' hats, we're in for a crazy uke-filled ride!

-UU Staff


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