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Hey UUers!

Welcome to November! How are you liking the new month, so far? Last month, Aldrine and Aaron went over to Oregon for the Eugene UKEtoberfest and had a blast, hanging out with some familiar and brand new UUers in the heart of Eugene. There they heard festival head honchos, Brook Adams and Keith Blackwell, jamming the song "I Saw The Light" by Todd Rundgren (which instantly got stuck in everyone's head) and decided to make it into a Play-Along and episode of Uke Lessons just for you (so you can have it stuck in your head, too).

So here it is - check out the video above to learn the chords, strumming pattern, and picking for this song and have fun! Happy November & keep strummin'!

-UU Staff


  1. I love this Todd Rundgren piece! You 3 make it fun to play along with ! I would love just the simple tabs for it,all lined up !(mostly it helps us beginners!

    1. I agree… I strum along with the video , but would live the simple lined up chords and lyrics below… Love it!

  2. This is my favorite. Great chords. I’ve been playing 3 months, and this is the hardest strumming pattern I’ve tried to learn. Please considering doing “We Gotta Get you a Woman” also by Todd Rundgren!

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