In this very candid whiteboard request lesson, Aldrine teaches you how to play "Upside Down" by Jack Johnson. Although it serves as the central song of the 2006 Curious George film, it isn't the easiest song to play. Aldrine walks you through the chords, and offers an alternate way to hold the dreaded E chord. He demonstrates the strumming pattern which includes both chunks and mutes, and he breaks down exactly when the chord switch happens during the strumming pattern. Lastly, Aldrine teaches you the picking that occurs intermittently through out the song. Take you time, get comfortable with the chords and the timing of the chord changes, and soon you'll be ready to "turn the whole thing upside down".

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  1. Jake Shimabukuro’s “Go For Broke”: such a beautiful song, which would be GREAT for this beginner: slow enough to master, if I had some tabs!

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