1. Aldrin’s tutorials have good camera angles.Kind of makes it easier if one c an see what he’s doing. I know the chords to Hotel California but not finger picking. I listen to that song 12-15 times before I try to do what Aldrine does.

    1. Hey irishtom!

      The key of the song is Bm (it’s a minor key, so the major key chord family rules don’t apply here). During the chorus of the song, it actually sounds more like the key of D Major (which is the relative major key to the B minor key). Hope that makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions – have a great day & keep strummin’

      -Aaron (& the UU Staff)

  2. This is a fantastic lesson! The E chord on the real white board if exactly right but the one in the download is one fret flat.

  3. This is great, the best version of this song on the internet! Although, it is quite a hand-cramper (you’ll probably see what I mean)…

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