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Watch Aldrine play "White Sandy Beach" in a previous Aloha Friday Jam

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Hey UUers!

Under the video for the first ever episode of Whiteboard Requests, the most liked comment was "White Sandy Beach" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Bruddah Iz), in High G. So in this episode of Ukulele Whiteboard Requests, your wish is our command!

Check out the video to learn the chords, strumming, and finger picking intro for "White Sandy Beach" and let us know what you think! Also comment and vote up your favorite lesson requests in the YouTube comments, to help decide what's next.

Keep strummin' UUers!

-UU Staff


  1. Good morning from Guelph ON. Canada,
    I have enjoyed this tutorial for White Sandy Beach. The strum pattern I have got down not too badly BUT and this is a big but……the roll on the downstroke will need a lot of work. Do you have any tips to perfect this or do I just need another couple of years practice. HaHa!!

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