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Hey UUers!

As the year marches on, another month and another month's episode of Uke Lessons have arrived! Recently, Aldrine's song "Ice Cream" was featured on HiSessions and a bunch of you asked him to teach it (especially the picking parts), so here it is! For this lesson, Aldrine teaches "Ice Cream" in the original key of Bb, so there are a few tough chords to master. (Check out Uke Minutes 117 - Mastering Difficult Chords to help with this!). Take it slow, learn each part carefully, and you'll have the song down in no time!

If you like what you hear, "Ice Cream" along with Aldrine's entire second album, "I'm a Dreamer" is available for digital download at

And for more fun, be sure to play along with the "Ice Cream" Play-Along! Hope your weekend is off to a great start - keep playing that uke and make some musical magic!

-UU Staff


  1. Aldrine, this is an absolutely fabulous song! Great job! Listening to it with headphones (to hear all the different parts of the instruments in the background) is even better!

  2. Love that you finally show the tutorial! Any reason why you decided on the key of Bb (original) instead of the version in the key of A that you did in the HiSessions?

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