Aloha everyone, we're very excited to bring you a new Master Class series this month featuring Eugene OR based ukulele artist Craig Chee!

This course is for the beginner ukulele player who is getting bored with just strumming and want to start experimenting with all other fun things the ukulele can do. You've seen some amazing ukulele artists do amazing things on their ukulele but worry that you could never play like. This course will help you see you can.

In this seminar he calls "Bridging the Gap", Craig teaches you techniques that will help the beginner ukulele player build grow into a more advanced player. In this course you will learn left and right hand techniques that can be used in both solo performances and as a lead ukulele player. Most importantly he provides you with exercises to practice that will help you master these techniques and truly become a better ukulele player.

The full 8 part course is available now on UU+. Watch it here now!

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