Hey UUers!

How's your Saturday going!? On this week's episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine shows you how to do a Roll on the Ukulele! This is a technique that we've covered before (if you'd like to take the amazing journey back in time to Uke Minutes 6 to see how UU rolled back in 2008, check it out HERE), but felt like it could use a shiny new update. Have fun with this one, and for more advanced rolls, click over to the 5 Finger Roll, the 8 Finger Roll, and the 10 Finger Roll as well!

Try it out and send us a video so we can see how you roll. Have an awesome weekend & be sure to let your uke sing wherever you go!

-UU Staff


  1. I always want to learn a flamenco skill about rolling. Let’s call this episode “rolling down”, I wanna know how to “roll up” with four fingers(without thumb). An example is the intro of Jake Shimabukuro’s “Let’s Dance”. It looks very cool, I practiced a lot by myself, But I’ve never done it right.
    Thank you!

  2. I’ll comment, Aldy, why in the world after a couple years of being the coolest site for ( for me, as a Professional working musician too… but how about the NEW PLAYERS that come on here or just visit?? ) Uke Underground is a “bleep” on the Ukulele Radar Screen, because of this ONE crazy thing you all do! ..or haven’t corrected, whatever.. and for a year maybe or more? Here it is finally! “That’s The UPSIDE down and backward FONTS” on the homepage..” What are you all smoking? That only is probably COSTING you all the most money (really, “big time” #1 as Romy and we say in Okinawa! So tell me and all the others.. “What in the world could be your motivation in doing that? When you look at the BIG picture… Man me and others, just don’t get it! If you read this, “others.. Jump in here and talk to somebody… if not I’m going to split this whole scene and not with a whimper.. a booma a banga Uke site is just waiting for a normal site to magically appear.. you used to be that site… it’s a shame, isn’t it?? Carson bailey

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