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Hey UUers!

While we were busy at the 2012 NAMM Show last month, February snuck up on us with a quickness! But don't fret, your February episode of Uke Lessons is right here - this month Aldrine shows you how to play "Under The Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers on the ukulele.

This one has a finger picking intro that might take awhile to master, but once you do, it's incredibly fun to play! So take it slow, repeat it in sections to build up that muscle memory, and put it all together for some red, hot, chili-peppery ukulele goodness. Try it out and let us know what you think!

February is for lovers, so be sure to take the time this month and show that special uke of yours some love. Rock on & keep strummin'!

-UU Staff


  1. Boa tarde, Gosto muito do som que você com o Ukulele, to até comprando um pra aprender atocar , parabéns pessoas pelo mundo estão sendo inspiradas a aprender a tocar por sua causa.
    Flávio Jean (Brasil)

  2. My girlfriend loves this song, so I decided to learn it for her. You have the best tutorials Aldrine! Keep em coming bro! Aloha from SF.

  3. Witaj Aldrine ! Jestem z Polski może słyszałeś leży w Europie.
    Na ukulele gram od niedawna ale dzięki twoim lekcją idzie mi coraz lepiej. Bardzo dziękuję!!!
    Hello Aldrin! I may have heard of the Polish lies in Europe.
    I play the ukulele recently, but thanks to your lesson of what I am getting better. Thank you very much!

  4. sitkaspruce84: yeah, something like that for sure. I guess we can get the basics down with this great video, but then feel free to modify it to our tastes and sounds.

  5. smythereens: he looks to be playing what I thought was a C#m7 which is baring the forth and hold 6th fret G string. But he is just baring the bottom 3 strings on the 6th..same thing.

  6. It also seems like he is doing a different strum in these videos. after the first chunk it doesn’t seem like he is playing the note on the next up i seeing that right?

  7. Aldrine, Mahalo for all you do brother. Really appreciate all of the lessons. It has certainly renewed my love for the Ukulele. Aloha,

  8. When you watch the play-along, Adrine is doing something different on the “C#m7” rather than barring the 4th fret like it tells us to do. Any idea what that is all about?

  9. Is there any possibility to get the tabs. Because always stopping and continuing the video is quite annoying. Great work bye the way!!!! Thanks a lot!

  10. Anyone else having difficulties with the video at 4:30 mark? I’ve tried to watch it several times and it freezes up at the same spot every time. Great song, I just want to get past the second strum pattern but the video won’t let me.

  11. Wow have been trying to learn this for ages, could not have been more happy to see this lesson!!!!

    Thanks a bunch

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